LifePark Center To Help East WILCO Communities Be Healthy, Happy and Whole

Being healthier is usually near the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. Did you know getting to your “healthiest self” takes more than better eating and exercise habits? Your overall well-being is affected by many things, including the social, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual aspects of your life. Since every person has a unique set of needs, where do you start?

Enter LifePark Center, a new wellness, health and education center anticipated to open in late-2020. Located in Taylor, Texas, LifePark Center is a multiple agency partnership offering a network of services committed to transforming lives in East Williamson County.

The organization selected BLGY Architecture to design this unique community facility in Williamson County. The proposed 45,000 square foot LifePark Center and 10+ acre campus will provide multi-generational community services, classes, meetings and activities.

“What excites me most about LifePark Center is that it will change lives,” explained Tiffany Price, Director of the LifePark Center. “People can take free classes to become certified plumbers or electricians, enroll their children in the Boys and Girls Club, receive health check-ups, meet a friend for coffee and exercise as a family, all in one location.”

Ms. Price added that LifePark Center’s higher education partners will complement vocational-training-nonprofits in providing workforce skills development and connections to employers, which is a win-win for local businesses and the workforce. “Everyone from the youngest to the oldest will benefit from this vibrant community campus. LifePark Center is filled with fresh opportunity to serve, inspire and discover.”

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