Sarika Sabnis

Marketing Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator with a 5-year degree in Architecture from India, I bring marketing ideas with an architectural perspective. I have explored my creative talents in residential interiors and sales.  Prior to this experience, I have a half dozen years of professional architectural practice at a firm overseas.  My mission is to market BLGY services using all my foundational knowledge and experience in the profession. My positive attitude towards life and cheerful disposition helps me to connect with people and understand their needs. Next time you see this social butterfly flitting, catch me if you can!


B Arch – Pune University, INDIA
Website design – Bellevue Community College, Seattle, USA


1. What is the most fulfilling part of your role supporting the practice of Architecture?

The most fulfilling part of my role will be leveraging my prior architectural education, professional practice experience, and knowledge of the process of making buildings, together with my genuine interest in people and places, to authentically market BLGY’s architectural design services.

2. What are your hobbies away from work?

On the days of time-off I enjoy hiking with family, combining fun, family time and health goals into a single activity. Other activities I enjoy are dancing, painting and cooking.

3. Tell us something interesting about yourself that nobody would know.

I was drawn to Architecture from a very young age as I used to enjoy sketching buildings. My father paved my future educational path by nurturing my childhood hobby with Lego building sets.

  • Marketing Coordinator