Owner | Austin ISD

Location | Austin, Texas

Aligning with transformational Education Specification.

PROJECT APPROACH: The two-classroom addition is a pilot project that preceded AISD’s 2017 bond. The project was designed to be in alignment with the District’s transformative Educational Specification addressing the needs of 21st century learning environments. Flexibility and opportunities for collaboration in the learning studios, as well as a large patio for outdoor learning, ensures that equitable learning opportunities are available to all students in this facility.

Thoughtful design can go a long way in extending the life span of an existing building. The renovations and addition will (1) remove end-of-life ground source heat pump units, replaced with new easily maintained packaged wall-mounted heat pumps, (2) enhance the street façade of the building with an entrance canopy that brings more light into a dark entrance, and (3) incorporate flexible and collaborative learning studios to support 21st century learning.

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  • Release Date: September 5, 2017