Benny L. Hawkins

President & CEO, AIA, NCARB

Mr. Hawkins has a unique A-E project delivery background experience accrued from his exemplary public service career prior to joining BLGY and his ensuing private sector project exposure gained thereafter for the past 32 years. After attaining architectural licensing in 1975 he spent nine years with the City of Austin, Texas wherein he was responsible for in-house A-E design assignments and for project management oversight on a wide variety of City facilities accomplished by consulting A-E firms. After attaining the City of Austin the position of Manager, Office of Facilities Planning & Construction, he exited to join the Austin Independent School District as Executive Director of its Construction Management Department for five years wherein he successfully led delivery of 12 new campuses and scores of renovations before departing for the private sector.

Joining BLGY in 1988, he has integrated his proven successful public service career knowledge with the well-known capabilities and other firm strengths established within BLGY since its founding in 1955. While in public service Mr. Hawkins attained firsthand exposure to consultant A-E performances ranging from sub-par to excellent. Upon joining BLGY He promptly sought to utilize that knowledge to benefit all project stakeholders in every assignment. Not having forgotten the quality of A-E performance necessary for repeat hire in addition to meeting industry standards for acceptable A-E performance, he knows firsthand the importance of unquestionably meeting client needs. His position at BLGY empowers him to influence delivery of successful services and stress necessity for client satisfaction on every project.


B.A. of Architecture, School of Architecture
University of Texas at Austin, 1969


1. How did you choose Architecture as your career path?

While a preteen I choose architecture after building an applauded tree house and helping my father design/build our family’s new home.

2. What project(s) in your professional portfolio are you most proud of?

K-I2 public schools and law enforcement training facilities.

3. To keep your creative juices flowing, what are your favorite activities away from work?

Accomplishing hands-on lumber assemblies such as intricate custom deck and innovative hunting blind with optional metal and rubber wheels, terrain-adjustable metal piers, removable roof, peep-sight view openings, etc.

4. Tell us something interesting about yourself that nobody would know.

I enjoy gearhead, 45-year relationship with a 1970 F-100 Ford Ranger pick-up original on the outside, performance-tweaked inside.

  • President & CEO, AIA, NCARB