Brody Harris

Senior Project Manager, RA, NCARB

I was born in Corpus Christi, but I have lived everywhere from Paraguay to Amherst, Massachusetts and Kenmore, Washington. That said, most of my life I have lived here in Central Texas. My wife and I are the proud parents of two wonderful twin girls. Prior returning to school to complete my architectural education, I worked in construction as an electrician. I was the field supervisor overseeing 20 crews and all our subs. While at the University of Washington I was part of a group that worked with the City of Seattle to revitalize impoverished neighborhoods our work began as a studio but spun into work directly for the City. We also remodeled an abandoned building on the University campus and turned it into a studio space for the School of Architecture.

Professionally I began my Architectural career as a model maker for a firm that specialized in education and medical facilities. They found I had other skills and I quickly moved beyond model making as the assistant to the lead designer for the medical studio. I then moved to a firm that focused on Libraries and City Halls where I stayed for 8 years until my family and I returned to Texas. Upon landing in Austin I began working contract for BLGY. I took a permanent position at another firm but after 2 years a position opened up at BLGY and I have been here ever since.


A product of AISD Graduating from Lanier (Navarro) high school in 1991
University of Washington 2002 BA Architecture
University of Washington 2004 MA Architecture


1. How did you choose Architecture as your career path?

My family is full of artists craftsmen and scientists. I was proficient in both and really enjoyed the artistic side but did not want to be a starving artist. I chose to combine all my interests building, art and science.

2. What project(s) in your professional portfolio are you most proud of?

I have two, my first project as a project manager the Burlington Public Library, in Burlington Washington, and Mill Creek Square Shopping Center, in Mill Creek Washington. The library was the first time saw a project from beginning to end and got to see the result of everything that I drew. It turned out to be a very successful project for the City and staff as well as a great education for me.

At Mill Creek Square, we were asked to revision a shopping center. The owner asked me where architecture would be in 10 years. He wanted to be on the forefront. This center is in a sea of shopping centers each trying to out do the other with their trends. I told him that fashions in architecture would come and go but sustainability would be the real trend in the future. We were able to change a big box shopping center from a user to a at least attempting to contribute. We reduced the runoff by adding a green roof to the porches on the walkways. We reduced the need to remodel the elevations by adding screens to mount the signage as tenants grew and contracted. We used the reclaimed water to feed fountains and landscaping we used natural materials that can be recycled when the project needs another remodel. The center has been at 100% occupancy since completion.

3. To keep your creative juices flowing, what are your favorite activities away from work?

My main recharge is to get out in nature, mountain biking, hiking, fishing and even the occasional round of golf.

I keep busy with projects around the house there is always something that needs to be fixed or somehow improved. And I still love to draw any form of art is a good respite from the world.

4. Tell us something interesting about yourself that nobody would know.

I wrote and read in Spanish first.

I am a product of the bussing era of AISD. I would spend 2 hours on the bus during Junior high running up and down Mopac to get from North Austin to Martin Junior High…

  • Senior Project Manager, RA, NCARB