Colorblind Friends for Life

I am a Black male architect born in Austin, Texas, and hold painful awareness of racial healing desperately needed in our country.  I find myself

Make Well-Informed Decisions About Architectural Services

By Benny L. Hawkins You’ve probably seen a version of this “Good-Cheap-Fast” graphic a time or two over the years. All of us can relate

What Makes a Good Architect?

By Benny Hawkins During several decades of practice, I have seen many changes in the profession of architecture.  The tools we use to design buildings

Sound Advice: Acoustical Design Matters

By Sita Lakshminarayan   In the practice of architecture, thousands of details must harmonize to form the big picture of how a building is both

Which Project Delivery Method is Right for you?

by Benny L. Hawkins   Choosing the delivery method for a project is one of the most important decisions an Owner will make. As with

Holiday Cheers to 60 Years

At BLGY, we have much to celebrate this holiday season. We are thankful for our loyal clients, for our dedicated employees, for our friends and

BLGY as an Incubator: Developing Future Leaders

 by Benny Hawkins Over the past decade, Austin has emerged as a leading city for entrepreneurialism and innovation. As a result, we have seen a